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Let Elite Painting take care of your next drywall project. We can handle all aspects of drywall installation. From framing to drywall installation and finishing, we do it all. We also finish drywall in many textures and are experienced at drywall plastering.


Whether you are remodeling your home or preparing it for sale, Elite Painting has the experienced staff to tackle any project.


No matter how small or large your project may be

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Elite Painting handles every aspect of drywall installation and repair. We install drywall in new homes, additions and remodels, unfinished garages, repair damaged drywall, and apply drywall and plaster texturing.


Drywall and plaster repair is a common task that is part of the upkeep of your home. Damage can be caused accidentally by moving household items and furniture, children playing, or pets. Natural occurrences from your house settling, can also cause cracks to appear above doorways or windows, nail heads to pop up and taped joints to loosen. Leaky roofs can also cause water damage to the drywall of your ceilings.

Elite can repair these damages to your drywall economically and with a high level of skill and professionalism.


Typical drywall repairs can be classified into four groups.


Small holes – typically cause by hanging pictures on your walls. These repairs can be easily fixed

  by homeowners with a putty knife and some drywall spackling.

Large holes - these are typically caused by common household accidents. Doorknobs, furniture,

  pets, and children are common culprits.

Cracks - cracks in drywall normally occur through the movement of your house. Expansion and

  contraction along with your house settling can cause small crack to appear

Loose tape joints and Nail heads – can be caused by the movement of your house, loose drywall,

  and/or moisture


Generally, after drywall repairs are made an application of drywall texture or plaster is applied. Applying drywall texture is an art into itself that requires skill gained over time. A poor texture job may lead to prominent start and stop areas where each coat is applied. Improper mixing can also lead to cracks in the drywall from improper drying. Applying drywall texture is a job preferably left to professionals or highly skilled do it yourselfers.


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